The Quantum Leap

TQL - S1.E2

Runaway Simulation – TESTATION

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Talib and Ink meet up at the Jacksonville, FL airport and hop a taxi to the local federal building. There, and joined by Rob, they enter into one of Firewall’s VR training simulations for an initial field evaluation – Escape from Ft. Plisskin.

Inside, they awaken as inmates in a Korean military Prison, locked in a moldering cell. The simulation controller breaks in to impart the mission objective: escape the prison by whatever means necessary. Working together, they soon break out of the cell and overwhelm a lone security guard. They proceed through the cellblock, amazingly failing to encounter any more resistance, and end up in the guard bunker where they appropriate clothing, weapons, and other assorted equipment.

A glance out of the window reveals the prison’s marshalling yard, where the NoKor Army has gathered a collection of medium-range missiles packing MIRV anti-matter warheads. The simulation controller announces a new primary objective: destruction of the rogue Elemental technology.

While the probie trio begin devising a plan for reaching the missiles, Sutherland comes to inside a shipping crate in the back of a NoKor transport truck. His inhuman strength makes escape fairly easy and he ninjas his way into the compound, where he encounters the other agents grouped in the hallway. The squad decides to utilize the up-armored drone they found in the storeroom to initiate a distraction while they make their way into the yard and the cover of the motor pool. There, Talib hacks into the base’s gridguide and shares a video overlay of the emergency response efforts while the group debates the best way to breach the launch facility and take care of the missiles.

Sutherland starts across the yard, and is almost immediately spotted by a NoKor officer. He tries to duck him, but fails – necessitating the officer and an unfortunate MP get lasered in the face. The stealth-bot’s makes it to the launch yard, and serves as a repeater station for Talib to blow past the maglocks. However, our luck continues and a routine patrol head up to see why one of their fellows is slacking near a restricted area when half the place is on fire. The cyborg’s clever disguise fails yet again, and exclamation points are shared by all.

When it becomes clear that Sutherland is about to get mobbed, Ink and Rob join in to help even the odds and a giant firefight ensues. John eventually gets a break and slips into the yard (and cover) while Talib takes a crack at the launch facility security. Running at the speed of thought, he eventually hacks through, allowing Sutherland to slip inside and down to the command console. There, with a bit of breathing-room, he and Talib debate the liklihood of permanently disabling the system and decide that, given the situation, the only real option will be to pull a Big Damn Heroes ploy and blow the facility – though the complexity of the Elemental-built C&C system makes it seem impossible.

In the end, though, it proves fiendishly simple. As the missile’s anti-matter fuel is contained via MV hoodoo, all John has to do is lay his hands on the field generator. His Resistor aura breaks the containment, matter and anti-matter do their thing, and the simulation whites out.

Rewards: +12 Karma, +25,000 nuyen (first month’s salary).



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