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Elemental: One of the six known Artificial Intelligences operating at a multiversal level. Each is granted a codename from the periodic table, based on their order of discovery.
Endo-magic: Quantum cascade effects that only affect the implantee directly. Mostly used to augment the subject’s physical or mental capabilities. Users are commonly known as Adepts or Supers.
Epics: A general term for non-LAMP SAT devices that replicate the general form and function of more mundane objects, only moreso: computers with infinite storage, weapons with disproportionate destructive capabilities, dimensionally transcendent containers, preternaturally-smart materials, etc. Often one-offs or extremely limited production runs.
Eraser: a LAMP with the ability wipe a target person or event from both digital and analog records. Erasers come in different forms. Some can only erase digital records, while others can edit even physical logs or alter human memories. They are extremely thorough, but they are not instantaneous. It is possible for Resistors to collect evidence before it is erased. Furthermore, analog records can be kept in vaults where they are safe until they are viewed by a human or a camera. Once the record is exposed to either Humanity or the Net, it can be edited by an Eraser. Erasers typically don’t clean their tracks, and thus leave a wake.
Exo-magic: Quantum cascade effects that edit subjective reality directly. Can be used to create, manipulate, or destroy matter and energy, seemingly in violation of known macro-physical laws. Users are most commonly known as Magicians or Wizards – though this often varies due to cultural influences.

- F -
Firewall: An agency of the US Department of Homeland Security’s Sufficiently-Advanced Technology Directorate. The agency possesses a unilateral mandate to control and contain the unauthorized use of LAMP-class devices both domestically and internationally. A high proportion of Firewall employees are Resistors – specifically chosen to ensure the agency can maintain operational continuance in the face of LAMP-class reality distortions.

- G -
Geass: a LAMP whose primary function is mental or digital control.

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- I -
Ice Breaker: a weaponized LAMP whose primary function is digital destruction.
Identities: another name for the Elemental AIs

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- K -
Ki-Ra: a weaponized LAMP whose primary function is killing or physical destruction.

- L -
LAMP: a SAT techno-artifact created by one of the Elemental entities. LAMP-class devices grant their users almost godlike reality-editing capabilities, and present an extremely high level of risk to human life and property.
Lottery: Each year, approximately 5000 citizens worldwide are chosen by random drawing to receive a Quantum Cascade implant, a process known as Awakening. The pool consists of all registered, non-Awakened citizens of all UN member-nations.

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Philosopher’s Stone: a LAMP capable of locally violating the conservation of mass and energy within its universe of origin by balancing the equation with matter and energy from the multiverse. Weaker stones can perform transmutation at a small scale while top tier versions can achieve radical feats of industry.

- Q -
Quantum Cascade implant: a SAT implant that allows the possessor to interact with reality at a limited quantum multiversal level. In short, it grants the subject the ability to use magic – either exo-magic (spells) or endo-magic (adept abilities). All known quantum cascade implants are produced by the elemental Oxygen.
Quantum Multiverse: Some time after its emergence, the AI known as Hydrogen discovered a technique to selectively and precisely control the collapse of the universal quantum waveform. This technique granted it (and subsequent Elemental-level AIs) access to an effectively-infinite pool of subjective realities and all of their attendant matter and energy reserves. By creating and exploiting linkages between these realities, they are able to perpetrate wonders and horrors like mankind has never seen.

- R -
Resistor: an individual with extraordinarily stable levels of reality, which grants them an innate immunity to the state-editing capabilities of LAMP-level devices. The cause and process of this resistance is unknown.

- S -
SAT: Sufficiently Advanced Technology. Devices created by or under the direction of one of the Elemental entities. Many are capable of interacting with Reality at a quantum multiversal level, enabling a wide variety of effects. Others are just standard sci-fi tech.
Sin-Eater: a powerful class of LAMP. Further information is currently classified.
Singularity: The psycho-historical event where technological progress began to outpace the unaugmented human’s ability to keep up. Currently considered to have occurred sometime between the emergence of the AI codenamed Hydrogen and its discovery of the quantum cascade effect.

- T -
Technomancy: The ability of a biological subject to interface directly with the global network and data entities without the use of a mediating implant or external device. Commonly believed to be a type of quantum cascade effect, but human science has, thusfar, been unable to determine its exact nature.

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Wand: a LAMP that functions somewhat like a wizard’s quantum cascade implant, granting the possessor the ability to emulate a limited set of exo-magic effects. The actual formfactor is completely arbitrary, though handheld devices are most commonly encountered. Larger examples are occasionally (and unofficially) called rods or staves, in keeping with the general theme.
Wonders: a LAMP that functions like an adept’s quantum cascade implant, granting the possessor the ability to emulate a limited set of endo-magic effects. The actual formfactor is completely arbitrary, though items of jewelry or clothing are most common, followed by nano-tech infusions and implants.

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